Fixer in Moscow

Producer services:

Scriptwriting, developing a subject, preparing for shootings, arrangement of interviews, coordination with authorities (providing authorizations for shootings).

Shootings coordination:

Assistance at shootings, back up services (translator, fixer).

Complex assistance to foreign journalists:

  • Perfect contact base in key social groups
  • Finding characters you need for shootings in shortest time
  • Contacts in various public, political and state agencies, cultural sphere
  • Assistance in getting accreditation card to the MFA of Russia
  • Transfer
  • High-quality translation
  • Extreme assignments: Chechnya, Northern Caucasia.


Рекламное агентство «Образ» является агентством полного цикла

Телефон: +7 495 720 08 44

Fixer in Moscow

  • Complex assistance to foreign journalists
  • Producer services
  • Shootings coordination
  • Contacts in various public, political and state agencies, cultural sphere

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